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Royal Dutchie is a Hip-Hop Artist from Johnstown Pennsylvania. The controversial artist is a proponent of Marijuana Legalization. ROyal Dutchie does not promote smoking, he promotes the entire Culture. Hemp, The Dutch, The Philly, Joints, Backwoods, Pipes, Papers, Waterfalls, Bongs, bowls, Vaporizers, edibles, e.g. ROyal Dutchie simply means, Bish I'm High!

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Are you chasing your dreams? Prior to becoming President of Omastar PMD, LLC, the company responsible for the publishing, marketing, and design of the Royal Dutchie Brand, I realized that chasing your dreams is the most important aspect of life. So when I got fired from my job making $25 dollars an hour for smoking marijuana, I enrolled at Full Sail University where I got my Master’s Degree In Entertainment Business. One year later, I completed the Graduate program in both Internet Marketing, and Education Media Design & Technology. Not too shabby for a stoner.

Yes I love smoking marijuana but I am not your average smoker. I realize the importance of education, and the rights given to us by the United States constitution. If not abused, cannabis is no more harmful than tobacco or Alcohol and they are both legal. Cannabinoids and Hemp are being proven to be some of the only medicines to be able to relieve or cure symptoms for more than one rare disease. So what did I do after graduating college? I chose to do what I love. I’m an Internet Marketing Specialist by day an hip hop artist and Entrepreneur at night. This is my story, and I am truly chasing my dreams. Are You?

Marijuana Stories
Do you have a great marijuana story or funny video? Do you want to express why you think marijuana should be legal? Did you just purchase a cool new bong or piece? Do you want to show off that exclusive purple haze or kush you just purchased? Is your state already legal and you want to share how life is different? Did you learn a new way to speed up the growth of your cannabis buds or improve the quality of your plant? Are you just sick and tired of police harassing you when you want to take a walk and enjoy your purple haze? If any of these apply to you please feel free to send us your 30 to 60 second video or link so we can share your story, music, comedy, or activism with the world.

Marijuana Clothing
Royal Dutchie is a unique, creative, controversial brand. We support the American union worker and only print on American Made products. We focus mainly on exclusive designs and only offer some merchandise for whole sale distribution.

The company does not promote smoking marijuana, ROyal Dutchie promotes the culture. Hemp, Medical, The Dutch, The Philly, Joints, Backwoods, Pipes, Papers, Waterfalls, Bongs, bowls, Vaporizers, and edibles. If you are looking for Marijuana Apparel check out our Pharmacy.

Favorite Marijuana Bud
My absolute hands down favorite Marijuana Bud is Purple Haze, if not purple haze, then haze will do just fine. The bud has a unique taste and a special scent. Anyone who has smoked real haze understands exactly what I mean. The smell is unmistakable and it is so smooth. Since the haze is so rare in PA, you will usually catch me toking on some type of Kush. If you have a favorite bud or just love smoking upload your 30 to 60 second video and we will be happy to share it.